Overland Conveyor

At CDG, we apply our highly sought after technical knowledge, decades of industry experience and an out of the box way of thinking to a wide range of facility design projects that make up a bulk material handling and processing facility. Our expertise includes: bulk material handling systems; coal crushing , screening and conveying systems (including overland conveyors); dust suppression systems; and loading and unloading systems for barges, trucks and rail.

When it comes to understanding overland conveyor technology and belt conveyor design, CDG is second to none. Our team routinely designs and engineers these conveyors, suited to carry materials, for our clients when they are considering a plant retrofit or are planning for a new facility. Additionally, our structural engineers are experts in the field and regularly perform structural analysis and design for support structures, including foundations. As your go-to resource for bulk materials handling, our engineering team is also equipped to handle emergency repairs, because we know that halting operations for any extended period of time just isn’t a feasible solution.

Our customers particularly appreciate our firm’s unrivaled ability to provide them with comprehensive bulk materials handling systems design services and consulting. We pride ourselves on having the ability to manage and troubleshoot projects throughout every phase – from feasibility studies and conceptual design through modeling and analysis; specification development and equipment selection; construction and installation management; implementation; and training. We have built our business on listening to our customers, understanding their needs and collaboratively designing solutions that work, even the most complex bulk handling environments.

We certainly are a lot more than just an overland conveyor company, but you’d be hard pressed to find anyone who understands belt conveyor design and bulk handling facility operations better than the engineers at CDG. Contact the team at CDG today to learn more about how our dedicated engineers can help you achieve success with bulk material handling and overland conveyor technology at your plant or facility.