“We handle the problems, so you can handle the project.”

We’ll help you focus on what matters most. Whether that means digging into the details for you or helping you see beyond them to find new ways to improve your project, we help you concentrate on the bigger picture.

In short, we’re the specialists you need—when and where you need them. And just as important, we’re the dedicated team you can rely on from day one and who will be there for you through the end.

Many other engineering firms simply aren’t built to deliver that level of continuity. You’ll meet the “gray beards” during the contract phase, only to be promptly replaced when the project begins by a younger team you’ve never seen before.

In our view, that is no way to build trust.

The team you meet first is the team who will last throughout your entire project. You’ll know that team’s approach to your project, and more importantly, how we’ll handle every challenge along the way. So you can focus your attention elsewhere with confidence.

CDG’s Infrastructure capabilities reach well beyond road and bridge reconstruction. In fact, our commitment to community service and high level of personalized experience has expanded our technical experience to include:

  • Storm Water Drainage and Control
  • Streetscape and Site Enhancements
  • Pedestrian Trails, Rest Stations and Bike Paths
  • Municipal Engineering (City Engineer Services)
  • Street Pavement Reconstruction
  • Roads, Bridges and Culverts
  • Municipal Buildings and Support Facilities
  • River Engineering/Sedimentation Control
  • Park and Recreational Facilities
  • Regulatory Compliance and Permitting Assistance

CDG has provided public sensitivity, proven and practical solutions, timely performance and a commitment to community service.