ADA Compliance

CDG routinely works on all phases of infrastructure projects, from planning to design to construction, and as a result, we have extensive experience with ADA compliance standards and have completed ADA designs for both new construction and retrofit projects. CDG is very well versed on the latest ADA compliance requirements and our team has longstanding relationships with the governing and reviewing agencies, which enables us to get feedback on plans and specific ADA design requirements before a project begins. We also understand that different agencies have different priorities and/or interpretations of ADA standards, so we are sure to have all impacted parties weigh in from the start so we can work off a plan that everyone agrees is fully compliant.

One area of particular expertise is ADA curb ramps. We not only design these ramps for new construction projects, but we also provide ADA review of existing streetscapes to determine which curb ramps are in compliance and which are not. From there, we can help communities plan for future compliance needs as they look at surrounding infrastructure projects to ensure they understand what will need to be updated when improvements are made.

Contact CDG before you begin planning your next infrastructure project, and you can rest assured that your designs will be fully ADA compliant from start to finish.