CDG has the knowledge and expertise to undertake a variety of building retrofit projects. Whether your business needs help managing an emergency HVAC retrofit, or you are planning a more complete upgrade to your existing facility, our engineering professionals are here to help.

At CDG we have expansive experience working in facilities where the infrastructure is aging and may be past its useful life. We help our customers achieve a variety of goals through retrofitting. From customers who are looking to move their manufacturing operations into a building in a designated historic district (which doesn’t allow for exterior modifications to the structure) to clients who are obligated to maintain the current location of their plant, but need to modernize their auxiliary equipment to maximize energy efficiency, CDG has seen it all. We are here to help you plan for every step along the way.

Although all retrofitting projects have varying specific performance goals and priorities, they have one thing in common: to enhance a facilities ability to perform over time. Beyond the functional and technical considerations for each project, the team at CDG understands that retrofit projects also have to make economic sense. Using laser scanning and other precise measurement technology, we can assess your current or prospective space and provide you with detailed design and layout proposals, as well as requested equipment specifications to ensure that your new space offers optimal performance.

If you are considering retrofitting a building to make your facility more energy efficient, modernize your equipment or streamline processes, we encourage you to contact CDG. Our experienced mechanical and industrial facilities team would love the opportunity to provide you with an initial consultation and help you determine if a building retrofit project is right for you.