CDG provides integrated engineering services for transmission lines, substations and distribution facilities.

The CDG team excels at providing clients with superior permitting expertise, as well as, civil and structural engineering services for even the most complex power delivery situations. We take the time to listen to our clients’ concerns, and we are accustomed to creating unique engineering solutions that meet your facility’s specific needs.

Specifically, CDG has experience providing the following specialized services:

  • FAA permitting for new and reconstructed towers that must take into account height limitations, which can add complexity to otherwise straightforward towers
  • Civil site work at substations, including road work, site grading, drainage, flood studies and flood protection
  • Architectural design services to effectively blend a substation into a residential setting.
    Public engagement processes

If you are looking for power delivery engineering solutions that will work for your facility now and into the future, we encourage you to learn more CDG.