Barge Loading / Unloading

At CDG, we understand that your business relies on the effectiveness and efficiency of how you load and unload barges with coal and other bulk materials. The engineers at CDG specialize in bulk material handling, and we excel at providing our clients with custom solutions that can perform under the most demanding conditions. With every marine project we take on, we make certain that there are proper permits for operating in the waterway, and we also work diligently to ensure environmental compliance by taking proactive steps to mitigate fugitive dust. Our designs also take into account adverse conditions such as high water levels, so that your facility can remain functional even under less than optimal circumstances caused by Mother Nature.

Beyond just loading and unloading technology, CDG also has experience designing river cells, mooring dolphins, conveyor systems, barge unloading platforms and more. In other words, if you are looking to upgrade your marine facility, look no further than CDG. We can help.