Dust Mitigation

CDG is a full service, multi-disciplinary engineering firm with a strong background in dust collection fundamentals. We specialize in the evaluation and retrofit of dust mitigation, dust control and dust suppression projects across a variety of industries, including mining, public utilities and manufacturing. As with everything we do, our primary goal is to provide cost effective solutions that meet or exceed our customers’ requirements without unnecessarily disrupting existing operations.

Before beginning any dust mitigation project, CDG investigates and evaluates the site through a series of detailed on-location visits and collaborative conversations with facility personnel. Additionally, our team can perform flow modeling and passive dust control of conveyor transfers. Dust is of particular concern in bulk materials handling operations. To successfully combat the growing nuisance and hazards associated with dust, CDG has worked hard to design and implement dust collection systems that utilize the latest technologies.

Our design area specialties include: dust control projects; railcar loading and unloading systems; ground storage inventory studies; mechanical conveying and feeding systems; flow modeling and animations; storage, transfer and reclaim systems; crushing, milling, grinding and separation; pneumatic conveying ash handling systems; barge loading and unloading systems; overland conveying; electric system support; and structural and civil design support.

While many vendors can provide you with the necessary equipment, they are ultimately interested in making a sale. The team of engineering professionals at CDG takes a comprehensive approach and will work with your business to devise an implementation strategy that makes sense for your specific business. Furthermore, we are not tied to any one vendor, meaning we will take the time to understand your needs and then recommend the best products and overall approach for your facility. After installation, CDG will help you educate your team on best practices for long term success.

Contact CDG today to learn more about our dust mitigation services, and how you can benefit from our customer based approach to superior engineering solutions.