Arc Flash Mitigation

The experienced team of engineering professionals at CDG understands the importance of electrical safety and arc flash hazard analysis and mitigation. We pride ourselves on providing clients with a thorough arc flash risk analysis that includes interviews with plant personnel, in depth review of existing electrical drawings and our own electrical system modeling. From here, we are able to input this information into our SKM and ETAP software programs, run various scenarios and then provide you, our valued customer, with comprehensive arc flash mitigation strategies and recommendations for enhanced arc flash protection. Frequent suggestions for mitigation of arc flash hazard intensities include: replacing fuses, adjusting circuit breaker or relay settings and other modifications to current power distribution equipment.

As part of this process, CDG can also provide the necessary labeling, to ensure your facility is code compliant. Furthermore, we can help train your plant managers and staff, thereby minimizing the likelihood of an arc flash event. By providing your facility with a full set of standard operating procedures (SOPs) and program guidelines, we are confident your facility will be safer than ever before.

Whether you are a single facility or a plant that is part of a larger conglomeration of facilities, CDG is here to help you assess your electrical systems and then help you identify ways to decrease your risk of an arc flash event and ensure your facility meets codes as well as OSHA standards and NFPA standards 70E. CDG offers a variety of arc flash mitigation solutions to ensure optimal safety and reliability of your plant’s power system. Contact us today to learn more about how your facility can benefit from our arc flash mitigation services.