Combustible Dust/Fibers

As a leader in industrial engineering and hazardous area classification, our team is highly skilled at identifying and effectively addressing explosion risks associated with combustible dusts and fibers. Our innovative techniques for active and passive dust control – including engineered chutes, loading zones, skirt boards, conveyor seals and belt cleaners – as well as our sophisticated methods of combustible dust testing mean that we are able to help our clients successfully limit hazards created by combustible dust and significantly reduce the risk of grain dust and coal dust explosions from your facility.

At CDG, we have a proven track record in combustible dust and fiber applications and engineered solutions that minimize risk factors and maximize safety in your facility, including:

  • NFPA Class II, Divisions 1 & 2 compliant designs
  • Assessments and due diligence reports
  • Exhaust and pressurization systems
  • Groups E, F, and G expertise
  • Active and passive dust control systems
  • Design of automatic shutdown systems
  • Area Classification determination and map creation

If you are looking for industrial engineering experts that are fully committed to helping your business achieve or surpass dust limitation requirements and maintain a fully compliant and safe facility, look no further than CDG.