Hazardous Area Classification

With a strong background in mining applications where combustible dusts are a significant challenge, CDG has developed a level of unrivaled expertise when it comes to hazardous area classification and design. Though we came to this field by way of our work with coal mines, the team of experts at CDG is also well versed in hazardous classification for chemical manufacturing (including paint, solvents and pesticides) and pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities.

Inside any manufacturing facility, refinery, mine or laboratory where toxic gases are processed, volatile chemicals are stored, or there is significant risk of dust ignition, you will find highly engineered design solutions. This type of design requires an intimate knowledge of the construction types that are required and prohibited in each environment, because in a hazardous area even the smallest spark or spill has the potential to create devastating results.

At CDG we specialize in spill containment, explosion proof design and dust ignition design, and our team is well equipped to advise on and perform hazardous area classifications across a variety of industries. On each and every project we take on, our goal is to provide our clients with expert knowledge and innovative engineering solutions to ensure that their hazardous areas are safe, compliant and highly productive. Contact CDG today to learn more about how we can help you with the hazardous classification needs of your facility.