Rail and Transit

If you are like many utility, mine or industrial facilities, you have a need to transport bulk materials via rail. The transportation-focused engineers at CDG understand the intricacies associated with rail transport and have extensive experience designing on-site rail spurs and loop tracks that connect to the carrier’s primary tracks. In addition, CDG can help your facility plan for, permit, design and implement rail loading and unloading infrastructure such as bottom dump and rotary dump systems. Although CDG doesn’t directly work for the railroads, CDG has, on occasion, provided some structural engineering consulting and design work for larger infrastructure projects that include bridges utilized by the railway or other transit companies.

At CDG, our collective experience in bulk materials handling means that we are able to help our clients reimagine what is possible at their own facility through enhanced terminal configurations. Contact CDG today to learn more about how our engineering specialist can help enhance your business’ profitability through superior industrial bulk materials handling.