At CDG, we have provided complete engineered bulk material handling systems for loading and unloading single rail cars, unit trains and trucks. Our innovative planning and design services for bulk terminals has added tremendous value to many of our clients involved in bulk materials handling and transport. Our comprehensive design, installation and implementation services address the needs of your project at every step along the way from inception to completion.

As part of our initial consultation, CDG’s bulk handling experts will perform both a lifecycle cost analysis, so you can fully understand the costs associated with your current operation, as well as return on investment studies that will show you how quickly you can recoup the cost of this capital investment, and we do so under a variety of scenarios. This analysis should play an important role as you begin to make decisions regarding whether or not to purchase new truck or railcar loading and unloading equipment for your bulk handling facility.

To maximize the efficiency of your bulk material loading and unloading operations, CDG will work with you to identify, procure, install and integrate the proper equipment for your facility’s specific needs. From rotary car dumpers to railcar indexers to railcar positioners and more, our engineering experts understand the intricacies associated with bulk transfer and are here to help provide cost effective, long term solutions that maximize productivity and profitability.

We understand that turnaround time and transportation logistics can impact the cost of commodities which is why our team of engineers have designed sophisticated bulk material handling solutions to reduce delays in unloading process deliveries, minimize manpower requirements and maximize carrier efficiencies.

If you’re looking for a firm that not only provides ingenuity and design innovation, but also prides itself on superior customer service, you’ve come to the right place. At CDG, we understand that our job is to help make your job easier, and we are committed to helping our customers operate safer, more efficient facilities that are in turn also more profitable. Choose CDG and experience a holistic approach to engineering today.