Coal Transfer Systems

CDG understands that coal transfer systems are an integral piece of your plant or facility operations. With extensive experience across all aspects of bulk material handling, the engineering team at CDG understands the intricacies associated with chute design and conveyor system design to ensure a superior coal transfer process.

In times past, the focus of coal handling systems was based on ease of installation and constrained by pre-determined conveyor locations without any design analysis of the material flow modeling. Unfortunately, this mechanical and structurally driven approach to bulk material handling has resulted in coal transfers that have been inefficient, unnecessarily expensive and potentially dangerous.

Inefficiently designed transfer systems can result in significant issues, including, but not limited to: the need for a greater number of components in order to counteract the impacts of poor material transfer; repair and labor costs associated with problems caused by poor dust suppression and spillage due to improper transfer design. At CDG we take a collaborative and comprehensive approach to coal transfer system design. We acknowledge that there is no universally “right” system or chute design, and we know that unique factors, including the type of coal being transferred and the environmental factors surrounding your stockpiles, significantly impacts your specific needs. We pride ourselves on getting to know your operations before making any recommendations, and we are confident that when we work together with our clients that we can achieve superior bulk materials handling designs.

Don’t settle for anything less than the best. Contact CDG today and let us show you the positive impact that a new coal transfer system can have on your overall productivity and profitability.