GPS Rover

The team at CDG is committed to using the best equipment available for data collection. GPS rovers are quickly becoming one of the more frequently used instruments. GPS survey equipment allows surveyors to undertake larger projects more efficiently than is possible with more conventional surveying methods. However, a rover GPS system is not without its limits.

GPS surveying relies on the ability to use satellites and the rover’s ability to “see” the sky to collect data. If your project is in a location with a dense tree canopy, steep hillsides or buildings that block a direct view of the sky, GPS surveying may not be right for you. Fortunately, the team at CDG has experience with a variety of technologies, and we take the time to understand the specifics of your project before making any surveying recommendations. If GPS isn’t right for your project, we will find an alternate surveying solution, such as LiDAR or drones that will provide the necessary data even if your site location has challenges that make surveying using traditional methods difficult. Contact CDG to discuss your surveying needs today, and rest assured we’ll get the job done right from the start.


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