Bike and Pedestrian Trail Design

With significant infrastructure engineering project experience, including bike and pedestrian trail design, CDG brings a unique approach to project development by incorporating community needs, regulatory constraints and aesthetic considerations to each and every project. CDG has been involved in a variety of sustainable transportation projects, including bike and pedestrian trail building for various groups such as the local trail planning authority, the State of Missouri and other local municipalities.

For example, we have played an integral role in helping the State of Missouri plan and design for a cross state connector trail along abandoned rail lines. Rails-to-trails projects, as they are known, are becoming increasing popular across the United States and are a great way to incorporate adaptive-reuse principles as part of sustainable trail design. CDG can help you achieve success throughout every phase of the process from surveying and locating/identifying property easements to trail alignment and evaluation of bridges and culverts that may need to be rehabbed or replaced prior to public use.

At CDG, our interdisciplinary team is here to help ensure your infrastructure project goals are achieved using comprehensive engineering solutions with your timeline and budget in mind.