Land Use Planning

While CDG is not an urban land use planning firm, we do work closely with municipalities, government agencies and other entities to create site plans. These plans can include everything from demolition plans for existing structures to construction plans for new buildings as part of a greater redevelopment plan. CDG also can provide general arrangement plans that address entrance and exit points, roadways, site utilities such as storm and sanitary sewer lines, and connection points to power and gas lines.

Our civil engineering group is committed to working collaboratively with our clients to create engineered solutions that incorporate the owner’s vision and the surrounding environment. CDG has experience working on land use planning projects in a variety of locations – each with unique challenges –, and our team understands the necessary local, state and federal permitting processes. We can help ensure your project isn’t held up by unnecessary (and costly) paperwork delays. Let CDG help you develop custom site plans with your specific project’s goals in mind.