At CDG we are always looking to stay current with surveying technologies. We offer LiDAR scanning as an option for our clients. This has proven to be a great tool for modeling complex/tight spaces where current drawings do not exist and can significantly help eliminate unexpected interferences and surprises during construction of your new design.

Additional benefits of LiDAR include:

  • High accuracy
  • Fast acquisition and processing
  • Minimum human dependence
  • Reduction of return visits for more survey
  • Independent of weather/light for data collection
  • Ability to penetrate a tree canopy
  • Higher data density

Furthermore, LiDAR scans can be seamlessly imported into AutoCAD and other software programs, and from there, models can be derived and compared to existing construction documents or as-built drawings. Before you begin your next surveying project, allow CDG to explain the advantages associated with LiDAR technology and prepare to be amazed.


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