Levees / River Structures

CDG has an extensive background providing a full range of engineered solutions for waterways including levees and other flood control structures, as well as the design and construction of bulk terminals and other new developments in and along a floodplain. If you are a municipality looking to embark on infrastructure or civil engineering projects in the floodplain, look no further than CDG. Our team of engineers, project managers and consultants understands the challenges associated with building in a floodplain and are well versed at obtaining the necessary permits and ensuring your project is compliant with all state, local and federal regulations.

At CDG, we provide inspection, design, construction and consulting services to a variety of clients involved with waterway development and/or flood control infrastructure, and we are recognized as leaders in the field. Our team of engineering professionals is known for their technical excellence, innovation and ability to navigate even the most unconventional of circumstances, and we would be honored to earn your business.