CDG is a renowned multi-disciplinary engineering firm with extensive experience in bulk materials handling. Our team has designed and built a variety of conveyor systems and bulk terminals for superior loading and unloading of barges. Our team of experts is well versed at handling both new installations that require everything from site work to river terminal layout and equipment design, as well as upgrades and expansions of older facilities. Regardless of your project’s required scope of work, CDG prides itself on providing our clients consistently reliable and cost effective bulk terminal design solutions that incorporate innovative technology and refined engineering techniques.

At CDG, each waterway terminal we build is designed with durability, quality and ease of maintenance in mind. Our engineers understand the intricacies associated with marine terminal design for bulk materials such as coal, ash, grain and limestone. We have experience designing all aspects of your river terminal like docks, wharves, piers, river cells and dolphins, in addition to sophisticated barge handling systems capable of moving bulk materials efficiently and effectively.

In addition to designing and building state of the art bulk terminals, CDG’s team of engineers can also assist with regulatory permitting by preparing floodplain studies as well as hydrology and hydraulic modeling. We also perform riverbank stability analysis to include sedimentation control studies and scour surveys. Any way you look at it, CDG provides unrivaled expertise in all aspects of marine terminal design and implementation for handling of dry bulk products.

At CDG we are recognized for providing innovative solutions to bulk material handling, and we employ highly skilled technical experts who are thoroughly knowledgeable about trends and regulations surrounding bulk terminals. We offer seamless, integrated solutions that can take your project from conceptual analysis and feasibility studies through planning, design, construction and finally implementation and training. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you!