Water Supply, Treatment and Distribution

The team of civil and mining engineers at CDG has extensive experience working with water supply, treatment and distribution. While our engineers have occasionally worked with the treatment of water through major drinking water systems, and through sanitary sewer type treatment, our primary focus is related to water resource engineering for mining and utility companies. Typical projects include design services for a new water storage reservoir at a mine or water availability studies for mines looking to spray down coal cars and mitigate dust.

Frequently mines and power plants are situated in remote locations, and as a result, there is insufficient water supply nearby. In these situations, CDG is able to provide engineered solutions to ensure adequate water supplies are distributed to the areas they are needed most. CDG Engineers also has vast experience treating contaminated water supplies from mines, and our Wyoming office frequently works with mining companies on hydrology control plans, hydrologic characterization and hydrologic restoration plans.

Don’t underestimate the importance of water supply, treatment and distribution in your mining or power plant facility. Contact CDG to learn more about how water supply engineering can work for you!