Total Station

At CDG we are a registered provider of surveying services in Missouri. Depending on your specific field data requirements, our surveyors have the ability to use a variety of different surveying instruments on your project. One of the most popular (and cost effective) types of surveying equipment is the Total Station. Using this technology we can perform topographical surveys, boundary surveys, ALTA/ACSM surveys, strip maps, road/route surveys, construction surveys, right-of-way surveys and construction staking.

Using data from Total Station surveys, CDG can also prepare easement exhibits, write land descriptions and prepare elevation certificates as supporting documentation for your project. Unlike independent surveying companies, at CDG, our collaborative working environment means that our engineers and surveyors are in constant communication about our projects and will ensure you (and your project engineers) get the specific data you need from the start, allowing your project to remain on time and on budget. Contact us today and let us show you what sets CDG apart from the competition.