CDG provides comprehensive infrastructure engineering services to municipalities in the St. Louis metro area and beyond. Our team has the knowledge and expertise to assist your municipality throughout the lifecycle of your infrastructure projects – from initial regulatory approvals and design to permitting and construction. We also have experience working in a “City Engineer” capacity where we maintain on-call, indefinite delivery, indefinite quantity task order type contracts.

Because our engineers are accustomed to working on federally-funded urban and regional planning projects, they understand the regulatory components as well as the documentation requirements and will help ensure your municipality’s project remains on schedule and doesn’t get unnecessarily delayed due to procedural issues.

Furthermore, public hearings, City Council meeting presentations and other feedback forums are an important part of the process for many municipal projects. Our team of experienced engineers are very comfortable making these presentations on behalf of our municipal clients, and from there we can provide consultation services to help cities determine what aspects of public recommendations can, or should, be included based on budget constraints and general feasibility considerations.

Learn more about how CDG’s unique qualifications and team oriented process can help ensure even the most complex municipal projects are successful.


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