Coal-Blending Systems

Founded by engineers from the coal industry, CDG’s team of experts understands the important role that coal blending plays in the bulk material handling operations of your power plant. We have experience with many different types of coal, including Powder River Basin (PRB), Illinois Basin, Appalachian and more. Each of these coal varieties have different properties and burn rates, and therefore they may be blended to unique specifications to ensure that the fuel you send to your facility is fully optimized for cost and performance.

Using the latest in coal blending technology and advanced algorithms, CDG can help increase your plant’s profitability by ensuring the coal you use is perfectly crushed and blended to maximize output and minimize cost. When you call on CDG to engineer your coal blending methods, you can expect enhanced coal quality and maximized fuel efficiency. Additionally with properly blended coal, you can minimize the number of coal quality events and reduce the frequency of emission exceedance occurrences at your facility. Furthermore, coal blending isn’t just an important consideration when blending different types of coal, it is also necessary to use proper coal blending technology when combining coal from different storage areas such as silos or stockpiles.

At CDG, we not only provide our clients with coal blending systems that ensure the highest possible efficiency (eg. rates of delivery, cost, etc.), but we also provide our customers with ongoing support and the knowledge and expertise to help ensure that your facility is always operating at maximum capacity with maximum profitability. As coal blending technologies continue to improve over time, you’ll know you have a reliable partner in CDG who will always provide you with an honest assessment of your current coal blending system. CDG will also recommend upgrades where they make sense, but won’t push new technology on you just because it’s new. Contact us today to request a consultation to discuss the efficiency and effectiveness of your current or planned coal blending operations.