civil engineering

CDG provides clients with a full spectrum of engineering and architecture services, including integrated civil engineering solutions that run the gamut from planning and site design to compliance and permitting to construction. At CDG we have completed numerous civil engineering projects for municipal, state, federal, commercial and industrial.

Our diverse projects include roadways, bridges, culverts and municipal infrastructure, streetscapes and pedestrian trails, storm water management, flood studies, water conveyance, wetlands delineation, site planning and design development, utility and sewer studies and more.

Our team of expert engineers help to differentiate us from other civil engineering firms by working collaboratively with (not just for) our clients. At CDG we understand that each civil engineering project is unique and we always make it a priority to ensure our team understands the customer’s vision as well as any site constraints, environmental concerns and budgetary requirements. Our highly skilled team of registered professional engineers (P.E.), architects and construction managers bring a host of experience to each and every CDG project.

We’re not just another civil engineering company – contact us today to learn more about the CDG difference.