Arc flash studies are a core part of CDG’s business, and we currently use SKM Systems Analysis and ETAP as our primary power system analysis software programs. Both of these preferred programs allow our team of engineers to efficiently and effectively analyze your facility’s power distribution system.

SKM is probably the most widely used software package in the industry, providing a complete line of electrical engineering software that includes SKM Power Tools for Windows and Arc Flash Hazard Analysis. As with any software or tool, it is only as good as the operator and information put in. Our engineers have received extensive training and have the field experience to get the job done accurately and correctly. We also have years of experience the allow us to look at the results from the software and recognize when those results do not match expectations. SKM has proven, time and again, it is reliable with an extensive library, and a great customer support team for those times we need them.

ETAP is another widely used electrical system analysis software package that offers a host of integrated solutions including: arc flash, load flow, short circuit, transient stability, relay coordination, cable ampacity, optimal power flow and more. Both SKM and ETAP provide our team of highly skilled engineers the option of drawing the whole electrical system as a one-line diagram. Once the engineer inputs the information in for each component, the program conducts all the necessary calculations at once and makes necessary updates in calculations as changes are made. This helps to ensure the highest levels of quality control. Additionally, SKM and ETAP model files can be imported into AutoCAD, and both software systems allow for customizable labels though Microsoft Word.

You can count on CDG’s team of engineering professionals for all your electrical engineering solutions, including arc flash studies, using state of the art software from SKM and ETAP.