Integrated Resource Planning

CDG has experience in the areas of Power Marketing, Resource Planning, System Modeling, Strategy, and Energy Data Analysis.  CDG staff, through experience working at and with utilities, is uniquely qualified to assist clients with their complicated planning and analysis problems.  CDG will work with client’s models alongside the client’s staff to give a personalized experience for energy analysis.

CDG staff have led Integrated Resource Planning (IRP) processes, implemented sophisticated planning and production cost models, provided analysis supporting several contract resource purchases, and performed analysis to save clients hundreds of thousands of dollars through efficient scheduling and marketing of resources.

CDG gives utilities the ability to manage their own data, and utilize available data, to improve marketing and generation dispatch performance.

Services include:

  • Environmental Regulation
    • Strategic Data and Analysis for Current and Potential EPA Regulations
  • Integrated Resource Planning
    • IRP Preparation
    • Public Process Support
    • Public Comment Facilitation
    • Scenario Modeling
    • Expansion Planning
  • System Modeling
    • Model Selection/Implementation
    • Population of Model Data
    • Solutions for Complex Modeling Issues
    • Software Experience
      • ABB Planning and Risk, Portfolio Optimizer
      • ABB System Optimizer, Capacity Expansion
      • Anchor Power Solutions – EnCompass Production Cost and Expansion Model
      • Ascend Analytics – PowerSimm
  • Retirement Analysis
    • Evaluate the economics of maintaining existing resources vs the cost of replacement power or a new facility
  • Wind/Renewable Energy
    • Analysis of intermittent generation effect on current portfolio
    • RFP Evaluation and Support
    • PURPA Avoided Cost Calculation
  • Marketing Analysis
    • Assessment of historical generation scheduling and marketing performance
  • Data
    • Historical Hourly Pricing and Contract Detail
    • Big Data Management of Load/Production/Pricing Data