Rapid Bottom Discharge

At CDG we are known for providing complete engineered bulk material handling systems for loading and unloading railcars. Our innovative planning and design services for unloading operations, including rapid bottom discharge dumps, has added tremendous value to many of our clients involved in the handling and transport of coal at power plant facilities. As with any rail unloading system, the goal of evaluating and possibly upgrading your rapid bottom discharge dump system is to ensure your facility is safely operating at maximum capacity and efficiency.

Our team of engineers can help you make improvements to your existing system or can help you plan for a total system replacement, depending on your specific long term needs and budget. From dust mitigation assessments to new equipment specifications to installation and implementation, CDG can address all your railcar unloading concerns. At CDG we are committed to helping our customers operate safer, more efficient facilities that are, in turn also more profitable. Choose CDG and experience a superior approach to coal handling today.