Coal Dust Suppression

CDG has a strong foundation in dust collection fundamentals as we specialize in the evaluation and retrofit of dust mitigation projects across a variety of industries, including utilities and mining. With almost all coal dust suppression projects, our team begins by performing an initial evaluation and analysis of existing coal handling systems to identify fugitive dust problem areas. From there, our team of engineers is able to provide your facility with a comprehensive audit of your entire coal-handling system and make suggestions as to how you can most cost effectively achieve the desired and/or required level of dust suppression.

We have experience handling dust mitigation projects of all sizes – from inspections of specific operations to plant wide evaluations to fleet wide (multiple facilities under one umbrella) audits. One thing is for certain, at CDG we understand that unwanted dust can lead to serious health and environmental issues and can ultimately lead to costly fines if not properly addressed. Let the team at CDG help you devise a dust suppression plan that works for your facility today.