Site Selection / Feasibility Studies

Before you take on a major project, let the engineering experts at CDG provide you with site selection and feasibility study services. By taking these extra preliminary steps, you can rest assured that you are going into a project with a more complete understanding of the various external and internal factors that can significantly impact your long term success and know that you’ve selected a site that is ideally suited for your facility’s specific needs. Our engineering consulting services allow you to maximize your project’s potential and provide you with comprehensive solutions that work.

CDG provides complete site engineering services and feasibility study services to address a variety of factors that impact the long term success of your proposed project. Through these processes, CDG provides its clients with a comprehensive cost versus benefit analysis and also weighs the opportunities and costs associated with any given site. Our site selection consultants strive to provide our customers with a clear understanding and a full picture of the project they are considering, and allows tough decisions to be made before the project starts, thereby minimizing unnecessary and potentially costly delays later on in the process.

If you choose to work with CDG, our team of professionals has the knowledge and expertise needed to make your project a success from start to finish. And CDG’s feasibility study services are not limited to new construction and site selection. We regularly help facilities weigh the pros and cons when comparing a possible retrofit of an existing facility with the notion of a new facility buildout. Learn more about the many ways CDG can help make your business more competitive, productive, efficient and flexible through our site selection and feasibility services.