Industrial HVAC

If you’re looking for a mechanical engineering company that is experienced in industrial HVAC design, layout, specification and procurement for new and existing facilities, look no further than CDG. Our team of mechanical design experts can help you cost effectively leverage the benefits of precision engineering while ensuring your facility or plant is compliant with all industry standards and regulations. Our areas of expertise include: electric chillers; absorption chillers; gas turbine generators; steam clean rooms; and a wide variety of heating, cooling and ventilation equipment.

Before making any recommendations, our team of engineers will undertake a comprehensive analysis of your commercial and industrial HVAC needs. We are familiar with the latest and best technologies and are therefore able to ensure you reap the maximum benefit from your new or existing mechanical system based on your facility’s specific requirements. Our team believes in a collaborative approach to mechanical engineering design that involves not only our most technical experts, but also looks for input from building owners and industrial customers so we can be sure we understand your priorities and budget. Whether you’re looking for heat loss/heat gain load calculations, equipment selection, duct design, temperature controls or energy management solutions, our mechanical engineering professionals are here to ensure your job is done right. You can rest assured that when you choose to work with CDG you will have a direct point of contact to guide you through the process from start to finish.

CDG is a recognized leader for providing superior full-service mechanical engineering and industrial HVAC services. Our success is measured by our client’s satisfaction, which means we consistently hold ourselves to the highest performance standards and are committed to providing a customer experience that is second to none. CDG has engineered, installed and serviced thousands of commercial and industrial mechanical systems, and we are uniquely qualified to handle all of your mechanical engineering needs.