Due Diligence Studies

At CDG, our team of engineers understands that in order for your project to be successful, you need to fully understand the associated risks and considerations which may result from any engineering constraints on the site in question. When you choose to engage CDG to perform your due diligence research, you not only benefit from our technical experts and their decades of engineering experience, but you also have a staff of respected business savvy professionals on your side who have a proven track record and understand the intricacies associated with your specific project.

Our comprehensive integrated capabilities in due diligence mean that we have experience working with businesses in a variety of industries to help them understand their own risks before undertaking a new construction or retrofit project. When you choose to work with CDG, we will put together a due diligence team that understands your specific industry – from mining and electric utilities to manufacturing and construction – and we will work hard to ensure your assets are protected. Our team can undertake a wide variety of due diligence projects to meet your needs. From technical engineering due diligence for production, processes, projects and products to independent competitive positioning assessment, CDG can do it all.

Effective due diligence provides a transparent argument as to how and why the critical benchmarks for your specific project or investment will be achieved and gives all parties involved peace of mind knowing they have a comprehensive understanding of the most likely outcomes. Contact CDG today to learn more about why our cohesive approach to technical and corporate due diligence sets us apart, helping you protect your investment with confidence.