Truck Dump Design

Much like rail unloading systems, dumping material from trucks is common practice in the mining industry. However, it is important to remember that regardless of what type of unloading/dumping mechanism is involved in your operation, precautions must be taken to ensure mine safety and mitigate dust production – CDG can help with this. Additionally, CDG performs study and design work for a system’s efficiency and reliability including apron feeders, crushers, conveyors and all transfer points in between.

The engineering required for truck dumps goes beyond just the physical truck loading and unloading system. Because a truck-based system requires the ability for heavy duty dump trucks to navigate your facility, CDG can also help your mine or coal-fired power plant design for the necessary site infrastructure, including but not limited to haul roads, for your facility to handle a high volume of such large vehicles without causing damage to your property.

Don’t leave your trucking framework to chance. Contact the team at CDG, and you can rest assured that your truck dump design will uphold the highest dump-point safety standards for years to come.