Mining Reclamation

Through our offices in Sheridan, Wyoming, CDG specializes in mine engineering and reclamation. Located in the Powder River Basin (PRB), our CDG office works for many coal mines in the area. While we love to provide mine engineering services to our customers with active mines, we are also here to support mines as they wind down mining operations at a specific location and begin the reclamation process, whereby the mine is returned back to its natural state once the mining process is complete.

Our mining reclamation services include engineering for post-mine hydrologic restoration plans, post-mine topography design, post-mine stream channel designs, backfill planning and site revegetation. CDG can also provide your business with closure studies as part of the land reclamation process. Reclamation has come a long way over the years, and CDG is here to help you properly address all mining and environmental challenges associated therewith. Contact us today to learn more!

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