Flow Modeling and 3D Animation

At CDG, we understand that mining is a complex business which is why we believe that flow modeling and 3D animation are best practices in mine engineering. Our Design Technologies department has the ability to design, test purchase and customize software; provide in-house training and support; and produce renderings and animations to evaluate everything from chute wear and dust mitigation to conveyor transfers and more.

Our mining simulation software enables our clients to evaluate the impact changes will have on their mining operations in 3D. Additionally, our photomodeling methodology allows mines to quickly produce intuitive 3D animations that allow for efficient conceptual planning and make for easy-to-understand presentations. If you are looking to evaluate new or existing mining operations, let the team at CDG help you properly predict and analyze your mining process flow and identify any issues or concerns before you begin your project. Contact us today to learn more about our mine modeling and visualization capabilities.