Conveyor Systems

With extensive experience in the mining industry, the engineers at CDG specialize in the design, analysis and simulation of bulk material handling conveyor systems. Whether you are trying to assess your existing mining conveyor system to address product loss or efficiency issues such as speed and capacity, or you are looking to install a new conveyor system and require structural analysis to ensure your facility can safely support the new machinery, CDG is here to help. Thanks to our multi-disciplinary approach to engineering, our team is able to support virtually every aspect of your conveyor system design, including emergency troubleshooting of motors, drives, idlers, take-ups and more.

No belt conveyor is too big or too complicated for the engineers at CDG, and our clients regularly rely on our unrivaled expertise to provide unbiased technical advice and innovative engineering solutions for their bulk material conveyor systems. At CDG we excel in the design, engineering, installation, maintenance and troubleshooting of mining conveyors, and we look forward to earning your business.