Transport Studies

How you move your bulk materials can significantly impact the profitability and safety of your facility. CDG has performed transport studies for a variety of companies in order to determine the best method of transport for a particular bulk material. Bulk materials transport not only has significant operational implications, but there are also environmental considerations that must be evaluated to ensure that contamination does not occur.

Furthermore, we understand that transportation of bulk materials isn’t a standalone issue. As such, we always take a comprehensive look at your entire operation and ensure we evaluate the implications any changes in conveyance might have on other systems such as hoppers and dumpers. We have also performed trans-loading studies that look at terminals where multi-modal transportation is being used to move bulk materials (eg. rail to barge, truck to rail, etc.). Don’t leave bulk material handling to chance – let the team at CDG design a transportation model that is tailor-made to meet the specific needs of your facility.