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3rd Quarter Newsletter 2020


CDG was recently featured in the September issue of St. Louis Small Business Monthly magazine? We were honored to be named on the list of the best engineering firms in St. Louis.
The issue also features an article with CDG’s President, Jay Ellington, called “Time with the Boss”. This column in SBM features a Q&A format with local business leaders.



CDG’s Engineers has been using laser scanning and the resultant point clouds for over a decade. This has proven so useful that we purchased our own laser scanner a few years ago. Laser scanning a job site and creating a 3D point cloud of the site can save time and prove value in many ways:

  1. It “brings the job site back to the office”. Our engineers and designers, as well as our clients, can view the point cloud at their desk to get a view of the project from any angle. Measurements can be taken, and you can save screen shots and even see in the dark.
  2. Fewer return trips to the job site, saving our clients time and money. Most of the volumetric and dimensional information we need is in the 3D point cloud. See point number 1.
  3. The point cloud can be linked into AutoCAD, MicroStation, Revit and other software. This provides millimeter accuracy of existing conditions to design upon. Often, this saves time by reducing the need to draft or model existing structures.
  4. Engineers and clients can collaboratively explore the point cloud and 3D design model in Virtual Reality. Our Oculus Rift puts the design team inside the project where they can walk and fly around to inspect every aspect of the job.
  5. It catches exact existing conditions. Frequently, we find existing drawings are not accurate when compared to the actual construction. Perhaps a field change was made during construction that is not reflected in the As Built drawings. Laser scanning allows us to catch these errors early in the design phase and limits costly field modifications. We are able to leave our clients with a model that is accurate to current conditions versus outdated drawings.
CDG is proud to offer laser scanning services to our clients whether it’s for our design purposes or for a client’s record keeping.


CDG’s historical area of expertise is bulk materials handling, and our staff has provided these services for miningutility and manufacturing operations clients for more than 25 years. CDG’s engineers are experts in designing systems for a variety of materials such as coal, ash, rock, sand/gravel, cement, as well as numerous agricultural products. Our team is also well versed in the ancillary systems associated with bulk materials handling such as dust mitigation, system controls and automation, and other associated infrastructure. We’ve also provided extensive structural engineering analysis and design services for both the bulk materials handling systems and the ancillary counterparts.


CDG’s staff is comprised of people that hold a multitude of talents, and COVID quarantining has allowed several people to hone in on their skills. Our employees have been engaging with one another and keeping the staff up-to-date on what they’ve been doing to occupy their time while not working from home.

From boomerangs to new shed roofs, pergolas and beyond, see the photos below for some projects undertaken by our talented staff.
Lyle Hardin
Design Technologies Manager
Kevin O’Shaughnessy
Civil Engineer
Paul Cardwell
Structural Engineer


We are currently seeking top talent for a full-time position in the Sheridan office. Position to be filled:
Becoming part of the CDG team has its perks. Not only does our company offer a competitive salary and 401K savings, but employees are also offered maternity/paternity leave among other great benefits.
For more information on our current career opportunities, visit our website here.
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