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4th Quarter 2020 Newsletter


CDG has opened a new office? It is conveniently located just off 55/70 in Troy, IL. Opening this office allows CDG to provide our robust engineering services to a broader range of metro area clients. The physical address of our new location is:

535 Edwardsville Road
Troy, Illinois 62294.


In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, CDG took, and is continually taking, proactive steps to protect our work environment and the health of our employees, clients and any office guests. Though this situation is unprecedented, the CDG management team’s goal since day one has been to keep employees safe within the workplace and keep our staff operating effectively to ensure all essential services are continually provided. I’m pleased to report that our company has been successful in remaining fully functional despite working remotely over the last 9+ months.

Several measures were taken to ensure operations were on-going. Beginning in early March, the entire staff, save a few essential personnel, began working remotely. During this time travel and face to face meetings were also restricted. Our staff pivoted quickly to adopt using Microsoft Teams and other virtual platforms to remain connected with each other, as well as our clients and subconsultant partners. CDG has made significant improvements in its IT and communication systems and was prepared for working in a virtual environment which included communication tools, design software and project management procedures. Hats off to Tim Morrell and the planning process he and the executive team established.

While all of this was happening, in the background CDG’s Executive Committee and Human Resources team were developing a four phased Return to Work Plan (RTW). The plan was developed by considering the following: published guidelines; listening to employee concerns; checking with peer organizations; and using common sense.

The pandemic has presented a dynamic situation that has required adjustments along the way, and our staff and clients have been understanding and supportive of safely executing the plan, no matter how long the process takes. The core policies of the RTW plan include:

  • CDG will not return to work before St. Louis City government has lifted stay at home orders.
  • CDG will allow employees to work from home with coordination with the Supervisor until it is announced to return to normal policies.
  • CDG will not require anyone to go on site to a facility that CDG or its employees deem unsafe.
  •  CDG provides PPE (masks, hand sanitizer, disinfectants), signage, barricades, and enhanced cleaning of the office.
  • CDG has a designated employee on each floor to determine and remind employees about compliance.
As case numbers continue to be a concern, CDG is committed to keeping safety our top priority. We will continue to remain operating at full capacity and are available to serve clients as their needs arise. The tools we have developed over the past 9 months will benefit not only CDG but also our clients in a multitude of ways.


As many of you may know, CDG was established in 1992, and over the course of our existence, we’ve worked on a multitude of projects ranging from materials handing to public works and infrastructure improvements. While I’d like to say every single project has been a massive success, that just isn’t the reality. From time to time, something goes wrong and one of the most common reasons for a failed project is the lack of structured, up-front planning. A tool that has successfully addressed the challenge of up-front planning is the Project Definition Risk Index (PDRI).

In a recent issue of the Missouri Water Environmental Association’s Current Magazine, Shane Jones and I address mitigating capital risk through the use of the PDRI process which was developed by the Construction Industry Institute in 1994. To learn more about this process and how to adopt its use, check out our article at https://www.kelmanonline.com/httpdocs/files/Current/fall2020/index.html (page 11).

If you are interested in a more detailed presentation of the PDRI, please let Jay or Shane know, and we can set up a webinar for you.


2020 has forced everyone into a lot of new normals, and for us, that meant adopting a new way to celebrate the holidays together. This year, our Annual Holiday Party was an interactive virtual Murder Mystery experience for employees and their spouses. People were divided into groups of 8-12 and assigned to one of the following four themes: Clue; Masquerade Ball; Harry Potter; and Murder on the Holiday Express. Everyone who participated was encouraged to dress up and get into character.
We had a great turnout, and I think it is fair to say it was way more fun than expected!
Group 1
Group 2


We are currently seeking top talent for a full-time position in the Sheridan office. Position to be filled:
Becoming part of the CDG team has its perks. Not only does our company offer a competitive salary and 401K savings, but employees are also offered maternity/paternity leave among other great benefits.
For more information on our current career opportunities, visit our website here.
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