FAT-Factory Acceptance Testing

At CDG we don’t just help you with equipment planning, specification, installation, integration and training, we also work behind-the-scenes to ensure that your new equipment and automation technology is ready for “plug and play” integration at your specific site before it ever leaves the factory.

Our team of process control engineers works directly with the fabrication plant and mandates rigorous factory acceptance testing to ensure equipment has met all quoted or contractually guaranteed specifications. As part of the FAT testing process we work collaboratively with both your facility managers and the equipment fabricator to verify that all technical and quality requirements have been met, and if not, we work diligently to identify any and all deficiencies, create a punch list and return to perform a final FAT test prior to shipment. From there, our engineers can finalize the details of system integration and devise a plan for successful installation, including start-up and commissioning services.

As the owner or operator of an industrial facility, we understand that successful and effective production depends on equipment and processes that run smoothly. Experience the CDG difference and let us show you how, with proper planning and communication, even the most complex system upgrades can be successfully accomplished with minimal downtime and outages.