Automation and Programmable Logic Controller

CDG offers a broad range of engineering services, including the design of industrial automation control systems. Specifically, our services include programmable logic controller (PLC) programming, human machine interface (HMI) programming, control panel design, communication network-based applications, development of operation description/process logic diagrams and a variety of other automation engineering solutions.

Our team of advanced process control engineers enjoy the challenge of automation engineering, and we specialize in helping clients avoid downtime and improve productivity by integrating process optimization technology to existing systems. At CDG, we have completed many retrofit projects and as a result, we have a superior understanding of how legacy systems best integrate with the latest automation technologies from a variety of manufacturers, including Rockwell Automation, Siemens and Phoenix Contact. Additionally, because CDG maintains support contracts with major automation systems, you can rest assured that if you have any issues or questions following installation, you’ll have our team on your side to ensure outage time is kept to an absolute minimum.

If you are considering a migration from manual operation to automation or you are looking to upgrade your existing automation engineering equipment, look no further than CDG. Getting started with PLC, HMI and other automation control systems is probably easier and more affordable than you think.