CDG strives to make our clients’ lives easier. We enjoy solving problems, and our experience has taught us how to do that in a manner that best serves our clients.  Front end planning is a great way to start solving a client’s problem without having to expend a lot of cost.  On a project, engineering may cost 8-10% of the project construction.  For the life of that project in operations and maintenance, engineering may cost 1-2%.  Front end planning is going to be a fraction of that engineering cost.  With CDG’s well-rounded firm and knowledgeable engineers, clients can leverage that wealth of experience at the planning stage.  Ultimately this saves them money on capital spending, construction, or O&M while still completing a successful project or plan.

What is great about front end planning, is a client can get a lot of the headaches resolved before determining the approach they want to take to implement their project or plan. How a client decides to implement that front-end plan can vary.  But CDG’s flexibility allows us to help our clients transition their project to the next stage.  Whether that is A Design-Bid-Build project with final engineering, construction support, and commissioning or a Design-Build project with a contractor or EPC.  During front end planning, CDG can remain agnostic to your project approach and help determine the best way to implement a projects or the plan.  CDG has a number of close relationships with builders where CDG can serve as the owner-engineer and run that project from start to finish.

Front End Planning Services that CDG can provide:

  • Long Term Planning
    • Integrated Resource Planning
    • Multi-year Capital Expenditure
    • Site Reclamation and closure
    • Facility Maintenance Planning and Scheduling
  • Project Studies and Justification
    • Engineering Due Diligence
    • Feasibility and Cost Estimates
    • Permitting and Code Compliance
    • Alternative’s analysis
    • Site Layouts
  • Project Phasing and Scheduling
  • Project Definition
  • Transition to Final Engineering
  • Transition to Construction