CDG is still going strong as we welcome summer. We have continued to win projects in all of our market segments, and once again we are saying goodbye to some longtime employees and welcoming some new ones.

Below is a summary of what has been keeping us busy over the last few of months.

Some Things Get Better with Age

2017 marks a monumental milestone for our firm. This year, we are celebrating our 25th year in business.

CDG has flourished over the last several years, growing to over 70 personnel in two offices. With numerous accomplishments and achievements, we want to thank all of our employees and clients and other excellent team members that have supported us and helped us reach this height.

To celebrate our success and as a token of our gratitude, we are hosting an anniversary party at our St. Louis Headquarters on September 8th. We have lots of fun things planned for the party, so be sure to look out for your save the date in the next couple of weeks. Invitation to follow.

Campbell Plaza: A Historical Look

CDG’s headquarters are located in St. Louis, Missouri at Campbell Plaza, a building with a history as rich as St. Louis own. The property that Campbell Plaza is located on was part of the original 125 acre estate of Peter Lindell, Lindell Boulevard’s namesake, which eventually became the location of Kemper College upon its founding in 1838. The land that Campbell Plaza occupies was part of the College’s property that was used as farmland to raise livestock until 1845 when insufficient funding forced the university to close its doors for good. That same year the College and its grounds were purchased by the County Courts.

In 1872, the County constructed the New County Poor House, and it is believed that part of the present Campbell Plaza (Building A) was built as part of this structure. This facility primarily functioned as a nursing home that cared for individuals suffering from chronic illness, senile dementia and other forms of mental illness, and physical impairment. Around the turn of the century, the patient population increased from about 500 to 900, and to offset the cost of the Poor Houses’s functional expenses, a bakery, dairy, vegetable garden and soap manufacturing operations were implemented to bring in more money.

Over the next several years, the Poor House underwent several changes including being converted to the City Infirmary in 1910 and the Chronic Hospital in 1952. By 1968 the building was deemed inadequate for dwelling, and the remaining patients were transferred to a new facility while the building was left vacant.

During the 1970’s the building was restored with the intent of being the permanent facility site of the Central Midwestern Regional Education Laboratory, Inc. (CEMREL), an organization that aimed to improve the quality of education throughout not only St. Louis, but America as a whole. During this restoration, buildings A and B of Campbell Plaza were connected through the construction of stairwells and ramps, steel bars that were covering all of the windows and balconies were removed, ceilings were raised, and a landscaped courtyard and waterfall were added. Upon completion of the rehabilitation, the building won three awards  and was featured in the March/April 1974 edition of ArchitecturePlus.

Not even a decade after the CEMREL rehab, the organization lost its federal funding and the building was turned over to the U.S. General Services Administration and the City of St. Louis. Five years later, in 1985, the owners of Campbell Design Group, purchased the building and renamed it Campbell Plaza. Campbell Design Group and theDepartment of Health for the State of Missouri were the first tenants in the newly renamed Campbell Plaza.

In 1992, Campbell Design Group was no longer operating, but their partnership continued to own the property until 1996 when it was purchased by the Principals of CDG who formed Arsenal Street, L.L.C. “Arsenal Street” was the colloquial name for the historic hospital complex originally housed on the Campbell Plaza grounds and a term recognized by generations of native St. Louisians. 

Addition of Staff Members

CDG’s expanding workload has necessitated additional support staff. We are happy to welcome interns, Brian Flintand Tom Schulte.

Brian is a Mechanical Engineering student at the University of Missouri – Columbia. He is minoring in aerospace and is working with our mechanical department on mechanical design projects.

Tom joined the team as an intern in our Design Technologies Department in May. Tom studies Computer Engineering at St. Louis University and assists with virtual and augmented reality assignments at CDG.

Welcome Brian and Tom!

Floodplain Management

We want to extend a congratulations to our Civil Department Manager,Steve Hilderbrand, for passing the examination to become a Certified Floodplain Manager (CFM). Steve is now recognized by the Association of State Floodplain Managers (ASFM)as a qualified individual capable of “reducing flood risk and loses in the nation”.

Congratulations, Steve!

STL Summer Fun


For those of you living in the St. Louis area, there are tons of activities to take advantage of during the summer months. Consider checking out some of these businesses and events if you’re looking for a fun way to occupy your time.

1. Whitaker Music Festival at the Missouri Botanical Garden
2. Movies on Art Hill at the St. Louis Art Museum
3. Let Them Eat Art in Maplewood
4. Total Eclipse at Jefferson Barracks

10. Tower Grove Farmer’s Market

For more ideas on how to stay busy these next few months, check out this list from some locals by clicking here.