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2nd Quarter Newsletter 2020

DID YOU KNOW... CDG has a paid internship program? During typical summer and winter breaks we regularly employ students in different departments. This mutually beneficial program provides students with immersive learning opportunities, allowing them to work alongside industry experts, gaining real world experience. The program also provides our staff with invaluable support. Our past interns have [...]

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1st Quarter Newsletter 2020 – Special Edition

This past November, the Environmental Protection Agency proposed revisions to the Coal Combustion Residuals (CCR) Rule (40 CFR 257) that address many concerns of coal users by encouraging the beneficial use CCRs, tweaking to compliance deadlines, making adjustments to the permit programs, and revising the lined impoundments definition. Specifically, the November proposal… • establishes a [...]

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4th Quarter Newsletter 2019

DID YOU KNOW... CDG employees recently raised over $14,000 for the United Way?! We surpassed our goal by more than $2,000. One thing we love about donating to this organization is that the money stays in St. Louis to help the local community. LACLEDE'S LANDING STREET IMPROVEMENTS: CDG was recently awarded a project to provide engineering [...]

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